Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions

Commercial Moves & Green Initiatives

Today, many corporations have realized the importance of going green and reducing our environmental impact.
Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions is dedicated to the green initiative and to making our operations and services
for office moving more sustainable. From using eco-friendly materials to bio-diesel to liquidation of excess items,
we are always looking for new and innovative ways to protect our planet while providing the best quality service that
works within your budget.

  • Save money and time by de-cluttering prior to your office relocation. Make arrangements to donate excess office furniture to a local charity or if good enough condition, contact an office liquidator.
    Recycle broken metal file cabinets and old files that can be shredded.
    SLRS has a long list of companies that specialize in each of these areas and can assist you in keeping items from the landfill.
  • Computer equipment contains hazardous materials and is illegal to toss into the trash. SLRS can make arrangements for the recycling of your old technology and document the destruction of the hard drive or the old monitor that is out dated.
  • Rental crates can be used to pack up the items for your office relocation. Renting moving crates helps eliminate the waste of traditional cardboard cartons. If move protection is used the mover can recycle the materials to keep them out of already full landfills.

SLRS can assist you in finding the best cost effective solution for your business. Our knowledgeable staff can help your employees properly utilize packing materials reducing wasted space. This will save on rental costs and labor costs.

Don’t wait till the lease is signed or construction is done. Start working as soon as possible with your SLRS representative.