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Michelle Smith


Michelle Smith

Director of IT and Social Media at SLRS

Michelle started working for SLRS in 2021, as our director of IT and social media. She has years of social media marketing experience with other companies, and we were excited to bring her on board to start generating posts for us. Michelle quickly worked her way up in the company as much more than just our social media marketing expert, but as one of the SLRS family. Michelle knows how to drive traffic to our company’s social media accounts, she interacts with potential and existing customers through Facebook and LinkedIn, and is able to resolve any IT issues quickly.

Michelle is learning the particulars of the commercial relocation industry and specifically, how Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions operates business. She works closely with other members of the team to generate and post feedback from customers, learn about ongoing jobs, and stay up-to-date with current business trends. Michelle has a strong understanding of SLRS’s brand and creates social media campaigns that uphold company values.

As the social media director of SLRS, Michelle needs to keep track of “likes,” “shares,” “comments” and “follows” on multiple platforms. She also tries to generate new business by using her online proficiency to recommend SLRS as a possible vendor for major companies around the country. While word-of-mouth generates a great majority of revenue for SLRS, the possibility for growth and expansion of our company is very exciting. It is incredibly important for us to stay up to date with current trends and have the ability to connect with customers on multiple forums. Michelle’s social media marketing strategies allow us to do that.