Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions



Commercial relocation project management is the activity of coordinating every aspect of a business relocation, from planning the relocation, to overseeing strategy and execution. Whether your facility needs office furniture catalogued and stored, or your retail store is expanding, Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions can help. We ensure every aspect of your commercial move goes smoothly.


We understand the multiple needs that many businesses face when planning moves, expansions and decommissioning of their assets. Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions has the capability to manage all materials so they’re ready in a maintained inventory for future use at your place of business. The Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions system includes barcoding to ensure accurate accounting of all item counts, brief descriptions, shipping and receiving dates. We always offer a dedicated “move manager” to oversee the entire relocation process and ensure the job is done right. Lastly, our transportation experts ensure a smooth transition to your delivery location, as well as set-up if that is needed!