Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions

Jodi Patterson


Jodi Patterson

Senior Project Manager and Administrative Director of SLRS

Ms. Patterson joined Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions in 2015, as a part time sales support analyst. Over the years, she gained experience working in the commercial relocation industry and specifically, with the day-to-day operations at Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions. Due to her amazing work ethic and passion to help our company succeed, Ms. Patterson quickly moved up to gain the title of “Senior Project Manager and Administrative Director” of SLRS!

As Senior Project Manager, Ms. Patterson oversees many of our corporate relocation projects from start to finish. She arranges schedules, maintains project efficiency reports, and manages supply lines on a daily basis. Jodi handles a lot of the internal communication for Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions and drafts the reports necessary so the Executive team can keep an eye on schedules and timing for our clients.

As Administrative Director, Jodi reports directly to the CEO and COO. She must stay up to date on the regulations and licensing requirements for the commercial relocation industry, as well as the standards and safety protocols that must be followed with each project. Jodi oversees the actions and activities of new hires- ensuring they have the training and tools needed to do their jobs independently. Lastly, she sees to it that all forms and reports are submitted to the respective state and regional offices to ensure business operations and deliveries are completed on time and on budget.

Ms. Patterson understands that handling the client’s needs is much more than just making the numbers line up- It is about true customer service. Jodi goes above and beyond to uphold all SLRS standards to ensure each job is done exactly as the client asked.