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Edd Habicht


Edd Habicht

General Manager – Senior Project Manager at SLRS

Edd has over 30 years of experience in many different areas of the relocation industry, making him an integral part of the SLRS team. His expertise and knowledge of the industry ensure that every job is done on time, on budget, and runs smoothly. He works well with both the customers and the moving team to get the job done as planned. Edd has exceptional organizational skills and pays attention to every detail. He consistently goes the extra mile to meet tight deadlines and reach company goals. Above all else, Mr. Habicht is a team player and natural leader with excellent communication skills- making him an amazing general manager. He knows how to keep both employees and customers happy.

Prior to joining SLRS Edd was the regional manager for Metropolitan Warehouse and Delivery offices in Florida. While at Metropolitan he improved the quality of work being done and he had the best service record within the company. Edd successfully opened a new company branch in Jacksonville, Florida, giving him insight on how to successfully run a new relocation business. He has held the position of general manager for large corporations such as Coleman Worldwide and Graebel Van Lines- and now SLRS.

Mr. Habicht is skilled in operations management, DOT regulations, customer service, freight, and dispatching. He is responsible for improving efficiency while managing the company’s moving team. Edd is on-site of many of the jobs doing walk-throughs, making plans, and making sure the crew is following the customer’s requests. SLRS is so grateful for all of Edd’s hard work!