Strategic Logistics & Relocation Solutions

Keep Your Move On-Track with SLRS

If you’ve been tasked with planning an office move it is important to reach out to Strategic Logistics and Relocation Solutions for guidance. SLRS will be there every step of the way to address any concerns and complete your move as seamless as possible. Below are some steps you can take and questions to address to keep your move on track.

1.  Create a move team within your own organization to meet and discuss the move. Assign a single point of contact that is the final decision maker within your organization if any questions arise.

2. When will your company have a full “Certificate of Occupancy” at the new space you have secured? Your move timeline and logistics is dependent upon this date/access.

3.  If your company is purchasing new furniture, when will the goods be delivered from the manufacturer? If your move is delayed for any reason, what is your contingency plan for this furniture? Will you require storage? Does your move plan include a separate date for the new furniture to be installed before the move of your data, servers, contents, and computers? You don’t want multiple companies trying to access entryways, elevators, or dock space at the same time.

4. Ask for a key to lockout the elevator at both origin and destination facilities. Many elevators have this and it helps ensure you have access to the elevator during your office move. Ask for a phone number for an elevator service technician in the event that the elevator stops functioning.

5. What is your plan for data back-up on your servers? Talk to your IT staff.

6. Who will be your new data service provider? Make sure the service providers providing you phone and data are scheduled to have everything in place before your physical office move is to occur. 

7. Have a pre-move meeting with your staff! SLRS can facilitate this meeting. The most important thing you can do is educate your staff about their responsibility during the move process. Discuss proper packing techniques, proper labeling, removal of all personal items and where to find information they need such as their new office number.

8. Assign personnel to pack common areas such as kitchens, reception areas, file rooms, storage rooms, etc. Get a head start in the weeks before your move by emptying your refrigerators.