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Patricia Silverberg


Patricia Silverberg

Project Manager and Sales Support Analyst

Patricia is the newest member of the SLRS family and has quickly become an integral part of the team! Ms. Silverberg has never worked in the commercial relocation industry before, but has years of experience as a sales and administrative professional. She is quickly learning the intricacies of the industry and SLRS in particular. In this fast-paced environment, Ms. Silverberg can handle multiple tasks simultaneously and she works well under pressure.

Much of her job consists of interacting with customers, working with other sales representatives, and helping all other members of the team in any way she can. Ms. Silverberg provides SLRS with a wide range of services to our clients- from scheduling meetings and handling travel arrangements, to other logistical needs. She is also responsible for providing general customer service and administrative support. Patricia works hard to monitor customer satisfaction of our services. She helps identify any possible areas for improvement, and works closely with the COO and senior project manager to make sure every job is done in a timely manner.

As a project manager, Ms. Silverberg is accountable for planning jobs, preparing budgets, monitoring progress of projects, and keeping team members informed about any client needs. Patricia is incredibly diligent about achieving our company’s goals and achieving our vision!